Colombian volcano eruption 26 years ago - level 1

Colombian volcano eruption 26 years ago - level 1

13-11-2011 22:00

Armero was a town in Colombia. The 13th of November 1985 was a bad day for this town. A volcano killed a lot of people in this town. The name of the volcano was "Nevado del Ruiz". There were 31,000 people in Armero before the catastrophe. 23,000 people died. A lot of Colombians were angry after the catastrophe because the government knew about the catastrophe. But the government didn’t tell the people in time. A newspaper wrote, “The volcano didn´t kill thousands of people. The government did". Armero was an important place for business before the catastrophe. Today we can only see there some old houses. Nobody lives in these houses. 

Written by David for News in Levels

Interesting words: volcano, angry, government.           

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