Colorado under water - level 3

Colorado under water - level 3

26-09-2013 06:00

Colorado is braced for more heavy rain as rescue workers battle to save up to 2,000 residents, cut off by raging floods that have already killed four people.

Search and rescue teams are using boats and helicopters to pull stranded residents to safety, but 172 people are still missing. Boulder and a string of other towns along the front range of the Rockies and north of Denver were especially hard hit, as water poured down rain soaked mountains and spilled through canyons into populated areas.

This flooding is the worst in the state since nearly 152 people were killed near Boulder in 1976 by a flash flood along the Big Thompson Canyon.

Difficult words: braced (prepared), stranded (stuck), rain soaked (full of water from rain), flash flood (big water that happens quickly).

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