Contest in North Korea - level 3

Contest in North Korea - level 3

12-03-2014 07:00

North Korea’s state TV has broadcast footage of its leader Kim Jong Un watching a military shooting contest.

Soldiers can be seen firing short-range missiles into the sky with the aim of colliding mid-air. Kim looked on but didn’t look impressed.

There were also targets placed out at sea with Kim and other high-ranking officers scoring the marksmanship.

Afterwards, Kim had a friendly chat with some of the rather intimidated-looking soldiers.

But their efforts weren’t without reward, as they were all presented with some sort of a medal, before, of course, lining up for a group photo with the boss himself.

Difficult words: impress (to make somebody feel admiration and respect), marksmanship (ability to shoot very well), intimidated (worried and scared), efforts (energy and trying).

Is life in your country better than in North Korea?

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