Cooking show in space – Level 3

Cooking show in space – Level 3

17-06-2015 07:00

They say your sense of taste diminishes with altitude, but that hasn’t stopped astronauts onboard the International Space Station getting creative with their food.

“I would like to show one of my favourite meals up here, which is a chicken turmeric with champignon mushrooms, brown rice, and peas…”

Samantha Cristoforetti of the European Space Agency recorded her own cookery show onboard the ISS, making a meal that’s literally out of this world.

“I’m going to start -by spreading some peas cream. I have already heated the food pouches, with the ingredients, in the food warmer. This is one of the most important tools up here in space when it comes to the kitchen, a scissor to open the food pouch. OK, next, I will add the brown rice. Next, I will add some champignon mushrooms. And finally, my chicken with turmeric. There we go! It’s not too bad considering that we are in weightlessness. Mm!”

Finally, a space experiment you can try at home!
“Very good!”

Difficult words: diminish (to become less), altitude (height), literally out of this world (this is a joke – something that is amazing and something that is in space), weightlessness (having no weight).


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