Cool Japanese robots - level 3

Cool Japanese robots - level 3

16-10-2014 15:00

Whether you're in the mood for a bit of ping pong or just fancy a chat, what you might need is a robot. And that's exactly what you can find at Japan's biggest tech exhibition, as companies showed off their latest inventions and innovative robotics.

Omron corporation showed off its table tennis robot, which uses motion tracking to match its serves to a player and a rally of plays that are easy for an opponent to hit.

And for those looking for a robot with a more personal touch, Toshiba has just the thing with their sign language "Communication Android".

But if you fancy the ultimate gadget, surely it's got to be a giant T-Rex. The remote controlled robot dinosaur illustrates the potential-remote powered robots could have in the future, although they might not all be dinosaur-shaped.

Difficult words: whether (if), fancy (like), rally (an extended exchange of strokes between players), ultimate (the best or most extreme of its kind).


What kind of a robot would you like?

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