Cow in a tree - level 3

Cow in a tree - level 3

11-06-2013 06:00

It's usually a cat that gets stuck in a tree, but these Shropshire firemen got perhaps the weirdest call of their careers when they were asked to save a cow that had somehow got its head wedged in a tree.

Rescuers arrived at the scene in Monkmore on Monday afternoon and tried to free the cow using various equipment from their fire engine but were unable to free the animal.

But the cow was eventually rescued after a large harness and a crane was used to lift the animal up and free its head. Miraculously, the cow escaped without any injuries.

Interesting words: wedge (put into a small space with force), fire engine (fire truck), harness (set of belts), crane (large tall machine for lifting heavy things), miraculously (amazingly).

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