Crane falls down in New York - level 3

Crane falls down in New York - level 3

11-02-2016 07:00

Pre-wedding jitters for any bride is normal, worrying about the possibility of a huge crane collapsing in the city where you're going to get married, is less usual.

This Toronto bride was on her way to get married at New York City Hall when she got caught up in the chaos of the collapsed 330-tonne construction crane. The area’s been evacuated by firefighters at the scene and the cause of the crane’s descent remains unclear.

The bride, Nash Pillai, was with her sister and mother at a nearby hair salon when the crane fell in downtown Manhattan. But the shocking incident was no obstacle for the bride who can be seen being escorted through the crash by firefighters just so that she could make her own wedding.

One valiant firefighting even lent her his jacket, but the incident has destroyed buildings and cars in its wake as well as many lives.

Difficult words: jitters (feelings of extreme nervousness), huge (very big), descent (a fall), obstacle (problem), valiant (brave), in its wake (as a result).


What would you do if you saw a crane like this one fall down?

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