Crazy house in Austria - level 2, A12

Crazy house in Austria - level 2, A12

13-05-2012 11:00

This house isn’t from Australia. It is from Austria. Two Polish architects were building this house for 8 months. The house is upside down.

When you enter this house, it can be very strange for you. It is not a normal situation for your brain and you have to think hard if you want to know where up is and where down is.

The tour starts in the bathroom. Don’t try to turn the water on. Then you can see the other rooms in the house.

The camera turns around in the middle of the video. Then you can really have a strange feeling when you walk in the house. You can check for food in the fridge. You can sit and look at the fire.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: enter, tour.

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