Criminals want a kidney - level 3

Criminals want a kidney - level 3

27-05-2015 07:00

Spanish police have arrested five men for allegedly attempting to buy an immigrant’s kidney. Five members of a Serbian gang are accused of offering the Moroccan man 6,000 Euros for his organ in Tarragona.

Police, who describe the victim as poor and in economic need, say he changed his mind over the transplant because he feared he would not receive the agreed money. His change of heart prompted the gang members to kidnap him and hold him in a house where he was beaten until he agreed to go ahead with the operation.

Police said that the person hoping to buy the kidney is the member of an international criminal gang that used underage children to carry out high-end domestic burglaries.

“This organisation of Serbian origin had tried, and this is the most newsworthy detail: to purchase an organ, in this case, a kidney, for the son of the group’s leader.”

The arrests are the latest of a total of 48 made in connection with the Serbian gang’s criminal actions.

Difficult words: allegedly (according to some people), attempt (to try), accuse (to say someone did something wrong), transplant (to take something and put it somewhere else), change of heart (to change your mind), underage (young), domestic (in the home), origin (from a place).

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