Crisis in Iraq - level 3

Crisis in Iraq - level 3

23-06-2014 07:00

This video posted online purports to show a group of Iraqi prisoners being questioned by their captors.

The footage, which cannot be independently verified, appears to show the prisoners being mocked and ridiculed by armed militants.

The video purports to show one of the prisoners saying, "We understand, we respect you."

Then when asked by one of the captors, "When we say the Islamic state, what do you say?", he replies with, "God is great, God give you strength."

The captor then questions them again, with one prisoner allegedly begging, "Just give us water, please."

One of the captors continues to taunt the prisoners, purportedly saying, "Are you unable to speak? The Islamic nation will slaughter you. And you, enemy of God, the Islamic nation is what?" then demanding they repeat the chant, “The Islamic state is lasting.”

The fighters can then be seen holding a gun to one of the prisoners' throats.

In a separate video posted online, the footage appears to show a man with one of the prisoner's IDs, with the body of a man lying in between the others on the ground.

The man appears to be dead, with a serious head wound.

Difficult words: independently verified (to prove something is true by outside sources), purport (is said to show), mock (make fun of), God is great, God give you strength (a prayer), alleged (it may be true), taunt (to try to make somebody angry).


When was the last war in your country?

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