Cryotherapy - level 3

Cryotherapy - level 3

25-09-2015 07:00

It's called Whole Body Cryotherapy, and it's meant to boost the metabolism and help the body heal itself. But you have to submerse yourself in extremely low temperatures of -130 degrees Celsius. The treatment was developed in Japan and has been used in parts of Europe for about twenty years.

Cryotherapy works by making the brain believe the body is freezing. The body therefore goes into survival mode and begins to send blood, enriched with oxygen, enzymes and nutrients, to the body's core.

Lena Roth started the treatment while recovering from knee surgery.

"The energy level… It just increases. You feel wonderful. It helps you sleep. You totally relax. You have a clearer mind. You are thinking straight. It's just energy, energy. You can go, a couple of hours after this, you can go and take a high-impact workout and it just feels wonderful."

Inside the KryoLife spa in Manhattan, customers pay about 90 US dollars for a three-minute treatment. Customers wear a bathing suit, socks and gloves to protect themselves from acute frostbite while liquid nitrogen is used to co

ol the air in the chamber.

Business is reported to be so good, that two more centres will be popping up in New York by the end of the year.

Difficult words: metabolism (how fast the body uses food), submerse (to cover in liquid).


Would you like to try cryotherapy?

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