Cute little tigers - level 3

Cute little tigers - level 3

09-01-2015 07:00

These one-month-old tiger cubs have met visitors for the first time at a zoo in southwest China.

“The mother was quite weak after giving birth to three cubs. She does not have enough milk for all three of them, so we have added more nutrients to the mother’s diet that will produce more milk. Though the cubs are only one month old, they look quite healthy. This is not easy for them.”

The three cubs, one male and two female, were born from a Bengal tiger last month at the zoo. They were allowed outside to meet visitors on the first day of 2015.

Visitors took photographs of the three cubs crawling on the ground and playing in a box.

“They are very cute, very adorable.”

Ah! We have to agree!

Difficult words: cub (a young animal), nutrient (a special food that makes your health or an animal’s health better), produce (to make), crawl (to move close to the ground), adorable (something that is so attractive that it fills you with feelings of love).


Do you like tigers? Why?

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