Dancing car - level 3

Dancing car - level 3

31-10-2013 06:00

CCTV from China catches the hairy moment a truck driver dangerously swerves across the lanes on a bridge.

Song Mingtang, the driver, was passing over the Zhoushan Cross-Sea Bridge in east China’s Zehejang Province when he braked hard, noticing that he was too close to the vehicle in front of him. He jerked the steering wheel to the left, setting the truck off balance, wobbling heavily he veered left to right and left again before the truck tipped over.

Fortunately, Song wasn’t hurt and his passenger only sustained a small scratch on her head, but this footage shows just how close they came to a far worse accident. Not only did they crash on a busy bridge in traffic, but they came very close to tipping over the edge, a metal barrier being the only thing between them and a drop into the sea. A disaster narrowly averted.

Difficult words:

CCTV (security camera video)

hairy (dangerous)

swerve (move left or right quickly)

brake (make the vehicle go more slowly or stop)

jerk (move quickly and suddenly)

wobble (move from side to side)

veer (change direction)

tip over (turn over)

sustain (suffer)

avert (to stop something bad).

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