Dangerous building in India - level 3

Dangerous building in India - level 3

25-03-2014 07:00

Dramatic footage of the collapse of a seven-storey building in India. An amateur video captures the terrifying moments as the block simply falls to the ground in a suburb in Mumbai.

Scenes of panic as nearby residents flee the scene. Several people are feared trapped under the debris. The building was rendered unsafe and uninhabitable by the local council seven years ago. Yet despite several eviction and demolition notices, two families continued to live in the condemned block, challenging the eviction orders and getting permission to stay on from the high court on the condition that they live there at their own risk. It had been declared highly dangerous, with officials saying it could collapse at any moment. Dozens of firefighters and rescue workers clawing through piles of rubble and concrete slabs.

At least six people rescued so far, but one person has reportedly been killed. The mayor of Mumbai vowing to hold a criminal inquiry into the collapse, angry at those residents who stayed on, arguing that the building should simply have been levelled.

Difficult words: flee (to leave quickly), debris (pieces of something broken), render (declared to be), uninhabitable (impossible to live in), eviction (to tell somebody legally that they must leave), condemned (officially not safe to live in), clawing (moving), slab (thick flat piece of hard material), vow (promise), level (demolish).

How tall is your house?

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