Dangerous way for Chinese children – level 3

Dangerous way for Chinese children – level 3

08-04-2013 06:00

This group of children in China face a dangerous journey home from school. In order to reach their remote village, the children climb over this mountain cliff using wooden ladders. The children climb about twenty meters to the top, some carrying bags and other item too.

And it’s not just the villagers who travel this way. This dog makes the climb look almost easy. But for some the track is terrifying.

“It makes my legs shiver and dare not look down when I was climbing upstairs just now because I felt so frightened.”

It’s a relief to get to the top where the children are greeted by family and friends. Many of the students haven’t been home for months as they study in a school thirty miles away.

The people here long for safer access to their village but believe a better future lies in their children’s education.

Interesting words: shiver (shake), dare (be brave to do something), long for (want to have).

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