David Hasselhoff wants Berlin Wall – level 3

David Hasselhoff wants Berlin Wall – level 3

21-03-2013 06:00

From "Knight Rider" to "Baywatch", David Hasselhoff has always played the hero. And now life is imitating art once more. The US actor is back in Berlin, ironically to help save the wall he once helped destroy. The longest standing stretch is under threat from developers who want to build luxury flats on the site. After years of wanting it torn down, the feeling now is that it should be left standing.

"The Wall’s become a symbol,” she says, “and its image has a huge meaning for Berlin's image and its tourism industry. I think it's pretty ridiculous how Berlin damages its reputation."

"I don't think the Wall should disappear, no way, for historical reasons and also because of the people who suffered here. It should be kept as a monument."

Demolition work was suspended after activists formed the human chain around the threatened section. It remains to be seen if the Hoff can add any clout to the calls for it to remain.

Interesting words: stretch (long and narrow land or area), tear down (destroy), (suspended (stopped), clout (power or authority).

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