Day when people say thank you - level 3, A11

Day when people say thank you - level 3, A11

24-11-2011 23:00

In 1606 a group of people had to leave England because of their different belief. They left for the Netherlands and for almost 12 years lived there. Although they could practice their belief there, they weren’t happy. They decided to go to America and build a colony there. In September 1620 the English started their journey to America. There were 102 passengers on this ship. It took 63 days before they saw land. In December 1620 the English arrived in America and settled there. They noticed Native Americans who lived near the new settlement. These Native Americans were friendly.

The first winter was very hard for the English and a lot of them died. The next year the Indians helped them and the situation was very good. They decided to celebrate together with the Native Americans. The celebration lasted for three days and there was a lot of food. It was the first Thanksgiving.

Today Thanksgiving is celebrated in different parts of the world in November.

Written by Hana for News in Levels

Interesting words: although, settle, last.

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