Deer hits a police car - level 3

Deer hits a police car - level 3

07-12-2015 07:00

Oh, dear! This video shows the moment a police officer in Kentucky got something slightly bigger than a bug on his windscreen. Dashcam footage on the police vehicle shows a deer rushing into the road before being hit by a car and dramatically flying through the air.

The driver applies the brakes, but manages to keep the vehicle on course despite the collision. Kenton County Police Department are hoping the encounter will be a lesson to everyone on what to do if you ever run into a deer.

In a statement, they said that although the police officer didn't manage to avoid the collision, he did maintain control of his vehicle throughout the entire instant, even when the large, but apparently agile and acrobatically trained deer was performing a triple axel over the hood of his cruiser.

The police department even joked that as it is getting closer to Christmas, they would have to check with Santa that he wasn’t missing any helpers.

The police car sustained a fair amount of damage from the incident, but remarkably, the deer can be seen at the end of the video escaping seemingly uninjured.

Difficult words: oh, dear (this is a pun – “oh, dear” means oh, no and the word “dear” sounds the same as the word “deer”,) dashcam (a camera whichis  on the dash of a car – the flat area in front of the driver), footage (a video), rush (to move very fast), brakes (the things which can slow down your car), county (a part of a state), encounter (a meeting), instant (the moment), agile (able to move well), axel (turning in the air), hood (the metal covering of the front of the car).


Has an animal ever hit your car?

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