Diana’s Death Anniversary – level 1

Diana’s Death Anniversary – level 1

07-09-2016 15:00

Princess Diana marries Prince Charles in 1981. They have a child. His name is Prince William. He is born in 1982. His brother Harry is born in 1984.

Diana and Charles are not happy together. They separate in 1992. In 1993, Diana stops her public duties.

However, she does more charity work. She visits the Red Cross in Zimbabwe. She goes to Angola. She tells the world about landmines. They are a big problem in Africa.

Princess Diana, the People’s Princess, dies in Paris in 1997. She dies in a car crash with her boyfriend. People move her body back to the UK.

Difficult words: separate (stop living together), public duties (the official things a person must do as a royal person), landmine (a bomb in the ground which explodes when you step on it).

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