Dog Adopts Piglets – level 3

Dog Adopts Piglets – level 3

13-09-2016 15:00

Meet Linda, recent mother of six pups and now an adoptive mum to a litter of piglets. Her owner explained how this unique scenario came about.

The mother pig died but had already given birth, so he collected the piglets and brought them to his home where his dog had also had puppies. He put the babies together to see if the dog would accept them.

On the first day, she was a little hesitant, but she ended up giving the piglets milk. A week on, she would arrive of her own volition to feed the piglets.

Linda has now become something of a local attraction in the Cuban town of Playa Larga.

Difficult words: litter (a group of animals born at the same time), scenario (a situation), hesitant (unsure, undecided), of her own volition (of one’s own free will).

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