Dog European Championships - level 2, A12

Dog European Championships - level 2, A12

19-06-2012 18:00

Some sixty dogs took part in the European Frisbee Championships for dogs in Budapest and this is what was prepared for them.

The dogs basically have to catch Frisbees in short routines choreographed to music.

Years of training goes into creating champions as Nagy, that’s the owner, and Babloo show here.

Everything depends on a perfect harmony between dog and owner. The dog should be used to the training. If we start to train them when they’re young, we can see them get better and better every month.

The winners of the competition are not only awarded the European title. They are also guaranteed the place in September’s World Disc Dog Championships in the US.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: take part, used to, awarded.

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