Dog saved from underground - level 3

Dog saved from underground - level 3

17-04-2013 06:00

Dazed after days stuck underground, Lulu back in her owners arms, bleary-eyed after being starved of light. For five days she was trapped in a drainage pipe, her exit blocked by rubble, surviving on just a trickle of water.

Above ground her owner Gina Kaiser was frantic, unable to get help. So she hired a JCB to cut Lulu free. Then Buckingham fire service stepped in. They used the JCB, cutting equipment, spades and shovels to dig down eight feet to get to the pipe. Cutting through took six hours.

Then they sent in rescuer Pete Skinner. And the moment everyone was hoping for. The digging may have left the car park in a bit of a mess but at least this story has a happy ending.

Interesting words: dazed (confused), bleary-eyed (unable to see very cleary), drainage (waste), trickle (very small stream), JCB (large machine for digging and moving earth).

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