Dog wants to hold hands - level 3

Dog wants to hold hands - level 3

17-02-2015 15:00

This Valentine's Day we may see lots of loving couples holding hands, but for this homeless dog, it doesn't matter what day of the year it is, she just wants to hold your hand.

Pinky, who’s an 8-year-old crossbreed, was taken to Blue Cross Animal Hospital in London to have surgery to relieve a painful ear condition after her owners could no longer care for her.

While at the hospital, the staff noticed she was constantly wanting to hold a hand. They say she's so desperate for human company that as soon you're near her, she lifts her paw for you to hold, meaning that the staff have become very good at typing with one hand.

Pinky is virtually deaf after a skin condition severely affected her ears, meaning the entire ear canal in one ear had to be removed. Her lack of hearing makes physical touch even more important.

Pinky is now looking for a new home where she'll get all the love she craves, and if you’re feeling a bit lonely this Valentine’s, there's one animal who would be more than happy to hold your hand.

Difficult words: homeless (without a home), crossbreed (a dog which is a mixture of breeds /types of dogs), staff (a group of people who work somewhere), constantly (all the time), desperate for (needing/wanting something very much), company (attention), paw (an animal’s “hand”), virtually (almost), deaf (unable to hear), lack (absence), crave (to want something very much).


Do you like dogs? :-)

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