Dogs donate blood – level 3

Dogs donate blood – level 3

12-07-2016 07:00

A very different kind of blood drive. Owners bringing their dogs to donate blood at an animal hospital in Taiwan. Researchers here at Pingtung University say this is the first in the country. They hope to help injured dogs that usually have to rely on ad hoc donations.

Assistant Professor Sai Yi Lun says at the moment transfusions can't be guaranteed immediately, and it's not possible to know whether the donor dog is healthy and doesn't have any diseases.

To meet the requirements, dogs have to be between 1 to 8 years old, weigh more than 20kg and have received regular vaccinations. Most dogs enlisted in the programme belong to students at the university.

Scientists hope to expand that pool and when they do, they plan to branch out to help save the lives of cats and other pets, as well.

Difficult words: blood drive (when somebody gives their blood to help), ad hoc (improvised, not planned), pool (a group), branch out (expand).


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