Donkey is saved in Ireland - level 3

Donkey is saved in Ireland - level 3

11-12-2015 07:00

The smile of one happy donkey. Mike the donkey has been rescued from floods in Ireland after he was spotted stranded in deep water.

A group of selfless rescuers from a local running club set out to move the donkey who had gotten stuck after strong winds blew over a gate and shed, allowing him to get out. The brave group put a lifebuoy on the animal's neck to tow him back to safety and he looked pretty grateful about it.

Mike’s owner was extremely upset that he'd become stranded and was even in tears as he was being rescued.

The team behind the donkey’s safe return has been branded heroes and Mike is now recovering from his adventure in a warm animal shelter before being returned to his home and his owner.

Difficult words: spot (to see), stranded (stuck, unable to move), selfless (unselfish), shed (a simple building with a roof), tow (to pull), grateful (thankful), brand (to give name to), shelter (a safe place).


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