Dover - level 1

Dover - level 1

09-09-2011 12:00

Dover is a town in South East England. 39,000 people live in Dover. It is a very important town. It is the nearest town to Europe. The sea between Dover and France is only 34km long. On your travel from France you can see the characteristic White Cliffs. They are from white stone.

Dover is a very busy town. A lot of ships go there every day. There is a museum in Dover. It is about transport. Dover has a very big castle. Its name is Dover Castle. But you can also visit the smallest church in England in Dover.


Dover history

The Romans first came to Dover in 55 BC (before Christ). Their leader was Julius Caesar. But the Celts won. In 43 AD (Anno Domini) the Romans came to England again. They won this time. They had the control of the land. Their leader was Claudius. The Romans lived in Dover. It was their most important town near the sea.

In this video you can listen to the song White Cliffs of Dover and also see the pictures of the cliffs and the castle.

Written by Hana

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