Dragon-boat race in China – level 3

Dragon-boat race in China – level 3

19-03-2013 06:00

If you thought England’s Oxford and Cambridge University boat race was a frantic affair, take a look at the Chinese equivalent. It was the start of China's national dragon-boat racing series held in the country's most southerly province of Hainan. There were 16 teams competing for provinces across the country. Teams of men and women took part in the 200 and 500-meter sprints. And if you think it looks easy, think again.

The skills matter very much in dragon-boat racing. The boat won't move no matter how hard you try if you haven't mastered the rowing skills properly. But once you've mastered the skills and have the guts, you’re sure to perform very well.

And it was the men from Shunde in Guangdong Province who won in both disciplines while the team from Jiujiang swept the board in the women’s event.

Interesting words: frantic (extremely hurried), rowing (moving a ship  with oars), guts (courage), swept the board (won easily).

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