Dragons in New York - level 2

Dragons in New York - level 2

04-06-2014 15:00

There is a new exhibit in a zoo in New York. Visitors can see three Komodo dragons there. Two are male and one is female. The trio is still just teenagers. They are just over five feet long (1.5 metres). The adult males can grow up to nine feet (2.7m) from nose to tail and weigh around 163 kilos.

These dragons are from the Indonesian islands. They can eat small as well as large animals like deer and buffalo. If a dragon bites its prey and the prey does not die, the dragon can simply wait. The prey dies later because the dragon’s saliva is toxic.

Difficult words: exhibit (show), trio (group of three), prey (animal that is eaten by another animal), saliva (liquid in the mouth).

You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

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