Driver made a mistake - level 3

Driver made a mistake - level 3

20-09-2013 06:00

This is the phone call made by the driver of the high speed train minutes after it crashed in Spain. Francisco Garzon's in shock. His voice is shaky and he is gasping for breath as he surveys the wreckage in Santiago de Compostela.

While admitting straight away he was going well over the speed limit, the driver says he had already complained the curve in the track wasn't safe.

Garzon hasn't talked about this in court where he is charged with a homicide of 79 people and numerous offences of bodily harm. The revealing audio released by the Spanish daily El Pais bolsters a serious question over signaling and security systems on the country's high speed network and whether anything was done between the complaint and the crash.

Difficult words: gasp for breath (try to get air with the open mouth), survey (look closely at something), homicide (killing of a person by another), numerous (many), harm (physical injury), revealing (interesting or surprising), daily (a newspaper publish every day).

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