Driver on the wrong side - level 3

Driver on the wrong side - level 3

19-02-2014 07:00

“That is just ridiculous. That is completely and utterly ridiculous.”

The man filming can’t believe his eyes. This is footage of a driver going the wrong way down a motorway near Cambridge. Other drivers had to take evasive action, as the vehicle, travelling at around 50 mph in the fast lane, headed into oncoming traffic.

Tom Hind, a passenger in a car on the right side of the road, filmed the incident and sounded completely incredulous.

“That is just ridiculous. That is completely and utterly ridiculous.”

“She hasn’t even got her lights on!”

“No, no lights, no nothing.”

“That is just completely and utterly nuts.”

“Why the devil doesn’t she pull over?”

Cambridgeshire Police did eventually stop the driver and confirmed the incident to news organisations. They said they were working with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to have the driver’s licence revoked.

Difficult words: ridiculous (very silly or unreasonable), utterly (completely), take evasive action (move to avoid an accident), incredulous (unable to believe something), nuts (crazy), eventually (in the end), revoke (officially cancel).

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