Drug lord escapes prison – level 3

17-07-2015 07:00

This is the elaborate escape route that freed Mexico’s notorious drug dealer from a maximum security prison.

Moments earlier, Joaquin Guzman – commonly known as El Chapo – sits, waiting for the right moment to leave. As he paces his cell, he looks behind him and uses a blind spot in the shower area to make his escape.

The mile-long tunnel would have required noisy digging equipment and produced tons of dirt for disposal. A calculation based on the height, width and extension of the tunnel estimates the earth removed would have filled 379 lorries. It was also air conditioned and allowed enough room for a speedy exit.

During the escape, Guzman disposed of a bracelet that only he and a few other high-risk inmates had to wear. The authorities believe there may have been a motorcycle waiting for his escape.

The Mexican national security commissioner, Monte Alejandro Rubido, has said all the state’s security forces are coordinating to capture Guzman. He added, the government will continue to inform the public on what they’re doing to progress the situation.

He was last seen sitting in his cell at ten to nine in the evening local time.

Four days later, investigations and a manhunt continues to find the prisoner. Mexico’s attorney general said 34 people had been questioned in connection with the escape. 3.8 million US dollars is on offer for the capture of Mexico’s most wanted drug lord.

Difficult words: elaborate (carefully planned, complicated), pace (to walk back and forth), disposal (to throw away), inmate (a person in a prison), commissioner (a person in a position of authority in an area), progress (to make something happen), attorney general (the lawyer with the highest rank in a country).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com


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