Dubai skyscraper on fire - level 3

Dubai skyscraper on fire - level 3

26-02-2015 07:00

Amateur video captures a fire in one of the world’s tallest residential buildings.

Flames swept through the 330-metre-tall skyscraper, the Torch, in Dubai’s Marina District after starting on the 50th floor.

Although there were no reports of any injuries, hundreds of people were evacuated from the building with eyewitnesses saying that flames were shooting out from two of its sides as glass and metal rained down.

It hasn’t been confirmed what caused the fire, but early reports suggest it was started by a cigarette butt.

Difficult words: residential (where people live), sweep (to move), torch (a piece of wood on fire which people used to see in the dark), district (a part of a city), eyewitness (a person who sees a situation happen), rain down (to fall down quickly like rain), cigarette butt (the end of a cigarette).


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