Ear on the Arm – level 3

Ear on the Arm – level 3

16-11-2016 15:00

A Chinese man lost an ear during a tragic car accident and ever since felt incomplete. Doctors in the city of Xi'an are trying to change that.

To begin the pioneering procedure, they took cartilage from Mr Ji’s ribs and then cut the cartilage into the shape of an ear. Subsequently, they implanted the cartilage under the skin of the man’s forearm, which was perhaps the most complicated and dangerous step but it was a success.

The artificial ear now needs to grow for at least another three months before the final surgery when it will be transplanted onto his head.

Mr Ji has gone through many operations since his accident, not only for his ear, but also for his skin and cheeks. He hopes that the operations will eventually bring him back a normal life.

Difficult words: pioneering (innovative, new), cartilage (a flexible material of the body), subsequently (then, afterwards), i.e. (that is).

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