Earthquake in Nepal - level 3

Earthquake in Nepal - level 3

30-04-2015 07:00

This amateur drone footage filmed a day after the Nepal earthquake shows a moving bird's eye view of the devastation in Katmandu. The images show toppled monuments, huge cracks across major roads, and damage to residential buildings across the city. The destruction of famous landmarks can be seen, such as the nine-storey Dharahara tower. The historical monument was built as a watch tower in the 1800’s.

The number of people killed in the devastating magnitude 7.8 quake has now risen above 3,700. People began fleeing the capital on Monday, terror-stricken by two days of powerful aftershocks and looming shortages of food and water.

Thousands of the sick and wounded are now living out in the open because of the fear of more collapsing buildings.

Difficult words: bird's eye view (view from the air), topple (to cause to fall), huge (very big), residential (where people live), landmark (a famous building), devastating (very bad), magnitude (strength), fleeing (leaving quickly), aftershock (a smaller earthquake after a big one), loom (about to happen), shortage (when there is not enough of something).


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