Egyptian Airlines Flight MS804 – level 3

26-05-2016 15:00

The first look at the recovered wreckage of the Egyptian Airlines flight MS804 which crashed into the Mediterranean on Thursday, it’s believed killing all 66 on board. Clothes, seat belts, even bags have been found in the search area north of Egypt along with what we’re told have been body parts salvaged by the Navy.

Ships and aircraft from multiple countries continue to search the area looking for the plane’s black box system, which could uncover what happened to the flight.

The last details received from the plane suggested smoke in the toilets and the electrical systems, but the cause of which is yet unknown. With no terror group taking responsibility, Egyptian locals of Alexandria believe it may have been an act of God.

“I really don’t know what to say. This news has saddened a lot of families and a lot of people but this was fate, an act of God. Whoever thinks that this was an act of terrorism, this is not true.”

As the search continues thoughts are already firmly onto the investigation where British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond has offered assistance from the UK.

“Well, as you know, wreckage has now been identified so the search area has narrowed. The priority now is to find the black box, of course, to try to understand what happened to the aircraft. In the meantime, we’ve offered help with the search. We’ve offered Air Accident Investigation Board to support the investigation when it gets going. The sooner we can get to the bottom of this and understand exactly what happened, the sooner we can make sure with our partners around the world that we’re taking the necessary actions to keep people safe.”

Difficult words: salvage (to rescue), fate (something that happens without our control), priority (the important focus).


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