English Restart for Spanish

English Restart for Spanish

17-05-2014 12:00


My name is Zdenek and I made the English Restart program. I know that this program is very good for everybody who wants to learn English and I believe it’s also good for everybody who wants to learn a new language. So I want to learn a new language and I want to test the program and see how well it works for somebody who is a total beginner. I have more languages to study. I can study Russian, German and Spanish. And because I studied German and also Russian for a couple of years, I want to study the third language and it is Spanish.

About half a year ago, I had an idea that Spanish is a good language to learn. So I had about five lessons but then I stopped because I didn’t have strong motivation to learn this language. But now I want to test learning this language with the English Restart program.

So I record short videos every two weeks to see how fast I learn and how good my progress is. The first part of the video is in English and in the second part, I try to speak in Spanish. You can see my progress.

I recorded my first video in Spanish when I started to learn two weeks ago. I recorded my second video after two weeks. You can see them in the video below.

Remember, I was almost a total beginner. So, those who know Spanish, who are native speakers, please be patient with me because I knew only about one hundred words in Spanish two weeks ago. So, my Spanish was horrible. But I wanted to see if I could communicate with these 100 words.

We can study together. You can study English and I can study Spanish with English Restart. I am not talented to learn languages but I believe in the English Restart system. I believe it is good for Spanish too. Watch my new YouTube channel.

If you want to study a new language with English Restart, you can register for the program. The first four videos are for free and we open the English Restart program for new students today.

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