Estonian trio to Rio – level 3

Estonian trio to Rio – level 3

03-06-2016 07:00

You might have thought, growing up with siblings, that playtime could get competitive, but for these three, competition is a day job. Triplets Leila, Liina and Lily will all be racing for gold in the women's marathon at the Rio Olympics this summer.

"We would love that to be. It's like our dream also. But we know that we have to be in reality and we know that it's very hard to compete against Kenyan and Ethiopian runners. We are not at such kind of level like they are right now but maybe two, three years later maybe we can do that."

Born moments after each other, the girls stay true to their age. Leila, the oldest, is 2 minutes 30 seconds faster than Liina, with Lily, the youngest, a further 45 seconds behind.

"We usually support each other. Because I think that I am happy when my sisters are doing well and win some competitions. And then I'm also happy because I feel like when I watch my sisters competing and I'm supporting them behind the television or something. Then I feel that I also run or compete there, on the track."

The trio to Rio team will be making history as they're believed to be the first ever triplets to be competing against each other at Olympic level. Let's hope they'll be wearing different numbers so that we can tell them apart.


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