EURO 2012 started - level 1, A12

EURO 2012 started - level 1, A12

09-06-2012 11:00

EURO 2012 started yesterday with matches in Group A. Many people say that Group A is an easy group and football will not be good in this group.

It wasn’t true yesterday. The football was very good. The matches were full of action with 7 goals together. Poland played a fantastic first half against Greece. They scored one goal and they controlled the match, but Greeks changed the game in the second half, they scored one goal and could win, but they didn’t score from a penalty.

The second match with Russia against the Czech Republic was also very good. The Russian team was better than the Czechs and won 4-1. The score could be higher. Both teams played a very open game and it was a fantastic match for all football fans, but not for the Czechs.

You can see the goals from the second match in the video.

Written by Danny for News in Levels

Interesting words: against, won.

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