Europe is very cold - level 3, A12

Europe is very cold - level 3, A12

02-02-2012 23:00

Winter has come to Europe very strongly in recent days. The temperature is deep below zero and people are dying in the streets. It is a very tough time for homeless people. 120 people have died in the streets of Europe since the beginning of winter. The worst situation is in Ukraine where 43 people died. Some homeless people drink too much alcohol, then they fall asleep and can freeze to death without knowing it.

The temperature in some parts of Russia is 50 degrees below zero. Russia doesn’t have enough gas and it reduces the amount of gas for Europe. Russia needs as much gas in a day as Bulgaria needs in a year.

The temperature in Moscow is minus 20 during the day and minus 26 during a night. The temperature in other countries such as Bulgaria or Rumania is also very low, sometimes it is around minus 30. It is extremely cold.

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