Excited About School – level 3

Excited About School – level 3

05-09-2016 15:00

Not everyone is looking forward to going to school, but a pair of twins from London could not be more thrilled. They are now just days from a milestone that many thought they would not reach.

The pair was born conjoined at the abdomen and they shared just one intestine. They were given only a 25% chance of survival, but an emergency operation saved their lives. Now, four years later after the surgery, they are going to school.

Their mother explained how amazed she is because all of it came so fast, and she never thought so far ahead. The twins cannot stop talking about school and they can’t wait to be big girls like their older sister.

Difficult words: milestone (an important stage or event in the development), conjoined (connected), intestine (the canal from the stomach to the anus).

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