Extreme windsurfers in Ireland – level 3

Extreme windsurfers in Ireland – level 3

05-02-2013 10:00

It’s billed as the most challenging windsurfing contest of all time. The Red Bull Storm Chase took place in the middle of a huge storm on the northwest coast of Ireland and ten of the world’s best windsurfers took to the sea amid twenty-foot waves and winds of more than seventy knots.

Thomas Traversa from France dominated the competition. He took first place ahead of Germany’s Daniel Bruch and Julien Taboulet of Spain.

Since August 2012 the competitors have been sitting, watching and waiting for the most extreme storms on the planet to break. There are three rounds and the winner of the third round would be crowned king of the storm chase.  

Interesting words: bill (describe), chase (hunt), amid (in the middle of), knot (unit for measuring the speed of ships, 70 knots = 130 km/h), crown (make somebody a king or queen).

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