F1 drives under a truck - level 3

F1 drives under a truck - level 3

27-11-2014 07:00

Are these the bravest drivers ever?

Stuntman Martin Ivanov could have been crushed during this world record-breaking stunt, if the slightest thing went wrong.

Another stuntman, Mike Ryan, who has worked on the Fast and Furious and Terminator 2 films, got behind the wheel of a truck and jumped it 83 feet and 7 inches (around 25 meters), as Ivanov, in a Formula One Lotus car, swerved underneath.

The footage of the giant truck jumping over the moving racing car has gone viral, and it is 100 per cent real.

Both the truck and car sped alongside each other in Suffolk and as Ryan's truck lifted itself up the ramp and into the air, Ivanov can be seen smoothly swerving underneath.

The nerve-wracking stunt was created as an advert for EMC Technology and the Lotus F1 team.

Difficult words: stunt (a cool but dangerous action), swerve (quickly change direction), footage (video), viral (very popular), 100 per cent real (something may look fake but it happened).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

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