Facebook’s Internet drone – level 3

Facebook’s Internet drone – level 3

03-08-2016 07:00

Facebook's solar-powered drone has completed its first successful test flight. 

The company hope it will extend Internet connectivity to every corner of the planet. The lightweight, high altitude aircraft flew at a few thousand feet for 96 minutes in Arizona. 

The company ultimately hopes to have a fleet of these drones that can fly for at least 3 months at a time, communicating with each other to deliver internet access. The company wants to make the plane lighter so it can fly for longer periods. They hope it will soon break the world record for the longest solar-powered unmanned aircraft flight, which currently stands at 2 weeks.

But it has to go through several more test flights before this project can truly get off the ground.

Difficult words: extend (go further), altitude (height above the sea), ultimately (finally), fleet (a group of flying machines), stand (is), get off the ground (start after some time of preparation).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

Do you have a drone?

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