Fake leopard escapes - Level 3

Fake leopard escapes - Level 3

24-02-2015 7:00

Just to be on the safe side, a zoo in Japan has made sure it’s well-prepared to deal with the event of an animal escaping. On Tuesday the Tama Zoo, on the outskirts of Tokyo, dressed up a member of staff as a snow leopard, pretending it had escaped its enclosure. Meanwhile, other members of staff set up nets, poles, and tranquiliser darts ready for the escape.

The zoo said the drill was designed to simulate animals escaping after a disaster like an earthquake. The drill saw the staff member in costume fast knocking over another zoo worker and then hit by a fake tranquiliser dart.

A total of 70 members of staff took part in the exercise, as well as police and local emergency workers, who finally apprehended the leopard on the loose.

Difficult words: be on the safe side (not to be in danger), outskirt (not the city centre), enclosure (an area for an animal to live inside), tranquiliser dart (a sharp object with a sleeping drug inside of it), drill (an exercise), simulate (to prepare for), disaster (a very bad event), apprehend (to catch), on the loose (free).

Source: www.ondemandnews.com

What do you think about the zoo’s drill?

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