Famous painter from Japan - level 3

Famous painter from Japan - level 3

05-09-2013 14:00

Seikou Yamaoka is an office worker in the central Japanese City of Osaka. But he’s created a bit of a name for himself too as a finger-painting maestro. Well, it's actually more finger padding.

Yamaoka has a degree in art but he didn't believe he could make a proper living as an artist. However, after a seven-year break, Yamaoka returned to painting, but he found it hard to find time for his creative endeavours. The solution was an iPad.

The app Yamaoka uses cost less than five pounds, but he's used it to draw everything from replicas of classical masterpieces to original portraits and compositions.

His digital finger-painting skills have made him something of an internet sensation, with each YouTube video showing him painting on his iPad getting over 100,000 hits every time.

Difficult words: endeavours (attempt to do something great), replica (copy of something), masterpiece (high quality work of art), sensation (reaction of interest and excitement).

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