Fantasy writer Terry Pratchett - level 1

Fantasy writer Terry Pratchett - level 1

30-08-2011 15:00

Terry Pratchett writes fantasy stories. Many people don’t read fantasy stories. They don’t know Terry Pratchett. His stories are not typical fantasy. Tolkien’s The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings are typical. Terry Pratchett’s stories have humour and intelligence. His people are realistic. But they are also funny. One favourite person in many books is DEATH. He looks like typical Death from other stories. But Terry Pratchett’s DEATH is different. He has problems: he wants to understand the people who he must kill. He loves his granddaughter. He is very funny.

Terry Pratchett plays with the language. It is very difficult to translate his books. But some people translated them. They are popular in many different languages.

Terry Pratchett was born on 28th April 1948. His first story was in the school magazine. Terry was 13 years old. Two years later this story was in the magazine Science Fantasy. Terry had money for his first typewriter. After school he worked as a journalist. In his free time he wrote his stories. His first book came in 1971. In 1986 Terry decided to finish his job. He started to be a professional writer. Today he has 36 books. Many of his books are popular in more than 30 languages.

This video is a trailer for Terry Pratchett’s film.

Written by Hana  

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