Fast longboard ride - level 3

Fast longboard ride - level 3

16-09-2015 15:00

Zak Maytum skates at 112 kilometres per hour. This video of the 24-year-old racing in Colorado has gone viral online, gaining more than one million viewers since it was uploaded three days ago. Venom Bushings is the organisation behind the stunt.

Justin Rouleau from the organisation said Zak Maytum was wearing padding undeneath his clothes so the viewer couldn't see it on the video.

He wore a helmet and very specific shoes, with a fully customised high-performance skateboard, specially tuned for high-speed riding.

Rouleau said that Maytum is one of the top professionals in the sport of downhill skateboarding and has been riding for a decade.

Difficult words: gain (to get), stunt (a dangerous action), padding (soft but tough material for protection).


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