Father goes after his son - level 3

Father goes after his son - level 3

25-06-2013 06:00

This footage was first shown by the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV. It purports to show a man ramming his own son's car, then chasing him on foot.

Authorities say the incident was part of a dispute between the father and son. The footage shows the father’s black Mercedes cutting up the son's red BMW at a busy intersection in the city of Ma'anshan in Anhui province. The son failed to get out of the way, and the cars collided. The two then got out of the vehicles and the pursuit continued through open traffic on foot. Quoting police, Chinese media reported that the two were eventually stopped by local authorities.

Interesting words: purport (claim), ram (drive into something very hard), dispute (serious disagreement), pursuit (chase).

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