FBI agents saved a boy – level 3

FBI agents saved a boy – level 3

06-02-2013 23:00

Police in the US state of Alabama have rescued a five-year-old child who was being held captive in an underground bunker. FBI agents stormed the bunker where 65-year-old Jimmy Dykes was holed up with the child. The siege had lasted seven days, since Dykes had shot a school bus driver and taken the child as he fled.

"Mr Dykes was observed holding a gun. At this point FBI agents fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. The child appears physically unharmed and is being treated in a local hospital. The subject is deceased."

Negotiations with Dykes, a retired trucker and Vietnam veteran, had deteriorated over the last 24 hours.

The youngster, identified only as Ethan, is being treated at a local hospital but is said to be physically unharmed. The hostage-taking comes amid heightened concerns in the US about gun violence.

Interesting words: captive (like a prisoner), storm (enter a place using a lot of force), hole up (hidden), siege (situation when police surrounds something), flee (escape hurriedly), imminent (coming soon), unharmed (without any injuries), deceased (dead), deteriorate (become worse), hostage (somebody who is kept as a prisoner), amid (in the middle of), heighten (become higher), concern (feeling of worry).

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