FEBRUARY 2013 TEST - level 1

FEBRUARY 2013 TEST - level 1

01-03-2013 14:00

Another month of this year is finished. If you read all the news in February 2013, you can test what you learnt now! You can see your progress. You can listen to AUDIO which has 6 sentences. Those 6 sentences are from news from the last month. Now you can test if you know and understand all the words.

  • In other places one person died and some people were injured     (1-FEB)
  • It is a competition for the best windsurfers.   (5-FEB)
  • People on motorbikes slowed and then stopped all the traffic.   (7-FEB)
  • A big carnival started in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is a big celebration.  (11-FEB)
  • It is a record for that month. BMW makes high quality cars.  (11-FEB)
  • Some people were blocked from going to a funeral of one man.  (18-FEB)

Please answer this question (use discussion below): Do you see any progress from last month?


Test your knowledge

Write the number of words
which you didn´t understand

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